Euphorbia pentagona (EN)

Euphorbia pentagona Spurge

Euphorbia pentagona is native to South Africa. The shrubby succulent looks similar to the Fish-Bone Euphorbia and can reach up to 2 meters in height. It does not have a common name.


Euphorbia pentagona care

Euphorbia pentagona does best, if grown on a bright and sunny place the year round. If placed in the garden during summer, please make sure that rainwater can easily flow out of the pot. Sitting in water will cause rot.

It grows well in a good drained mineral potting substrate. I am using a mix of potting soil, lay granulate, pumice and coarse sand (1:1:1:1).

From spring to fall Euphorbia pentagona can be deep watered. What’s flowing out of the pot’s hole must be removed after a few minutes. Allow to dry before adding water next.

Euphorbia pentagona

In spring and summer a half diluted cactus fertilizer can be given every 4th to 8th week. During fall/winter there is no need to feed such as in the first year after repotting.

Euphorbia pentagona can be cultivated at room temperature throughout the year with a winter minimum of 13 °C/55.4 °f. The colder it’s placed at that time, the less water is needed.

Euphorbia pentagona cuttings
Euphorbia pentagona cuttings


Euphorbia pentagona can be grown from seeds or cuttings.

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